Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2 – Grant’s Pass

Sometimes we wonder if it is worth posting something on these slow days but since this blog is also a record for us…

Another cloudless very hot day. We saw in one of the brochures that they have a “Growers Market” in Grant’s Pass on Saturday mornings so off we went.


Usually we go to these hoping to try some new and different foods or to see some interesting crafts but this one really was mostly a grower’s market. LOTS of vegetables. Call us cheap and I am sure they taste much better than the grocery store versions but we just cannot pay two and three times the price, although we are a sucker for the bakeries and always buy some bread to have for breakfast.



We love to look at the flower booths as well.


We had lunch at one of the two places that actually served a meal. This is our Fungi Pizza being made and consumed.



After lunch we went for a short walk along the Rogue River that runs through town. We found this very undulating pedestrian bridge which the picture exaggerates.  You could feel it move as people walked across it.




Then it was a bit of shopping and back to the RV and air conditioning.

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