Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18 - Cape Disappointment State Park

The forecast is cooler (17 C) with possible showers and given that we are on the coast there is a strong potential for winds but we lucked out and it was another bright sunny day.

The question every morning is how do you dress for uncertain weather that can change in an instant.  The solution is having a whole wardrobe for any condition in the CRV.  Shorts, T-shirts, raincoats, sweaters, hats, gloves and extra change of clothes in case you stand in a waterfall and get soaked or fall into a muddy trail.

Today we are doing a few short trails in and around the two lighthouses, neither of which were open, at Cape Disappointment State Park at the mouth of the Columbia River. It turns out, at least for us, it is aptly named and was a bit of a let down after after having seen the rugged, picturesque, drama of the Oregon coast.  It is also busy on every trail and tourist hub, so I guess summer vacation has started for the masses.

First up was a short 1 mile hike to Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.




Moving on.


Looking back at the lighthouse.


Next we had lunch out on the beach near the end of the north jetty of the Columbia River. It was very windy out there so we ended up having a bit of real sand in our sandwiches.




Moving on farther north and looking back at the jetty.


Another lighthouse is on the next point up the coast.


On to the North Head Lighthouse.


Looking back at the jetty again.




The entire west coast of this peninsula is a 28 mile long beach but they say you should not go much past knee deep anywhere in the water, much less go swimming, due to strong currents and rip tides.


Finally, we drove around one of the other smaller towns and went home to relax some more. A short but pleasant day.

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