Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 16-17 – To Long Beach, Washington

Two slow days for a change. It rained on and off throughout our drive to Washington.

We are now just north of where we started our trip down the Oregon coast to start our trip up the Washington coast.

We arrived at the campground yesterday at around 2 pm after about a 4 hour drive. It is really just another slotted parking lot but its location is convenient.


We setup, had lunch and had a short walk on the 28 mile long ocean beach which is just a short walk from the RV. I read that in Washington they consider the ocean beaches a state highway so you can drive just about anywhere on them. There were lots of tire tracks out there although the sand was kind of soft so I would hesitate to take the CRV.

After that we just decided to relax. We have been going pretty constantly lately so it is time to slow down a bit.

Today it was still raining so we slept in late, went to the visitors center and then just walked around town. Long Beach is basically a tourist town with a long strip of gift shops, restaurants, even go carts and bumper cars. 

We had a late lunch at a nice little place that sold seafood and had a little cafe. We were the only ones there and while we had our lunch we talked to the owner a bit. He gave us some travel tips and a free small plate of crab claws.


We had planned to buy some for dinner anyway so he picked us out a nice 2.5 lb Dungeness crab.


It made for a great meal back at the RV.

The next two days are supposed to be sunny but cool with temps in the mid teens Celsius. We will check out the two state parks on the peninsula we are on.

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