Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20 – To Lake Quinault

Well it looks like you can’t escape us. The campground has WIFI that they don’t mention in any brochure and our internet stick would have worked.

We left this morning in a light rain and it continued until we got to the campground. After we got here the sun even came out for a bit. The forecast is for a few showers tomorrow and then mostly sunny the rest of the week with highs around 19C.

The first part of the drive REALLY hugged the coastline but we are used to these narrow twisty roads by now.  We got some interesting views of the long tidal flats that seem to go off to the horizon. Unfortunately, no good pictures as the camera kept focusing on the rain on the windshield. The best of a bad lot.



Sometimes you could see what almost looked like exposed river beds in the flats.

We are right next to Lake Quinault in the very southern part of Olympic National Park. This is called a temperate rain forest. One condition of the definition is that the area must get at least 100 inches of rain a year. Here they average 144 inches or 12 feet.

The private campground we are at is just about the best one yet. It is an add on to the Rain Forest Village Resort which mainly rents cabins and has a small lodge. It is first come, first serve and you just pick a site and then go to the office to pay. We were a little worried about not having a reservation. We are 1 of 6 in a 31 site campground.


Lots of tall trees, a view of the lake, good WIFI and satellite reception and not crowded. Perfect!

We are definitely back in the land of big trees. The Quinault Valley is also know as the “Valley of the Rain Forest Giants”. The world’s largest Sitka Spruce is 1000 years old and about 100 yards from us. Close by are the world’s largest Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Mountain Hemlock.

After setting up we went to the ranger station to get info on the local sights and hikes. We did a small 1/2 mile loop trail with interpretive signs.



One grove had an very tall examples of each of the 4 types of trees I mentioned growing right next to each other.





This tree growing over of a stump reminded me of the movie Alien.


That was enough for the day. Back to the RV to eat our leftover Thai food.

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