Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1 – To Ottawa

We arrived in Ottawa and it was a stressful drive for Stuart because many of the Service Centres along the highway were closed for renovation (odd that so on the same stretch of road) and we did not want to go far off the highway where the gas stations might not accommodate the height and easy of entry for the RV.  At least along the highway we knew there was a filling lane for transport trucks and we could manage that the drive thru to fill up. 

After 4 hours of solid driving Stuart was tired while I was comfy, getting snacks at my leisure and having a potty break without trying to guess where we could stop and what condition the restrooms would be.  It was nice that as soon as we got to the campground, Stuart could have a nap while I cooked dinner.  This is a wonderful way to travel; at your own pace and taking all your comfort items with you.

We are staying at the Ottawa Municipal Campground near Kanata. It is also close to the hotel used by the rest of the people in the tandem rally.

0601-Campsite in Kanata

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