Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17 – Cabot Trail

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We had driven the Cabot trail the last time we were out to the east coast but it is so beautiful we couldn’t pass up another chance to see it.

We drove down to Englishtown to catch a ferry across to the other side. As soon as we arrived, the dropped the loading lip to add us before chugging across the water. It was such a short ride, that I did not know it had left the dock; let alone over. I had the sensation that we were bobbing not really moving and it was a short channel.


We drove up the winding road along the outer coastal path climbing and coasting on the various sections. We stopped at a Glass Studio along one of the Artisan rows and bought a red cardinal. I wanted to get a sea creature but they were not as pretty and our solarium is more of a garden theme rather than East Coast or aquatic. While using the facilities, I saw a write up for the Cackling Hen Bakery so we went to the next building and bought some snacks; a butter pecan tart, blueberry scone and cinnamon bun. They were all good and much less expensive than the sweets I bought in Ottawa in the Patisserie.


We did the Skyline Trail again.

IMG_5760 IMG_5761

I did not remember it until we got to the end where it goes to boardwalk and then wood plateaus stepping out to the edge. I have a nervous feeling that I might fall, or that once I get down, I cannot get back up the numerous steps. There is no railing and I feel very insecure. The wind is blowing and I feel like the platform is swaying. It is attached to the bedrock of this mountain and I know logically it is not moving but I feel the sensation and nausea. Stuart proceeds all the way down. As I recall, I did the same thing the last time; remaining at the top while Stuart and the girls went all the way down with me feeling edgy and worried about them all the way.



We sat at the top surveying the scenery, had a snack then started back.


It is a 7 km hike out and we are tired at the end of it and there still is the long drive back to the campsite and I am glad that I do not have to do the driving.

IMG_5791  IMG_5797

It was 7 pm when we got back to the RV and I reheated leftover green curry and some pasta for our dinner. We had a lot of things to do before going to bed, to prepare for the early rise tomorrow to catch the ferry to Newfoundland. It is rather odd that we were going trying to get this ride a week ago and since it was fully booked, we busied ourselves with more travelling around NB and NS and still, it is amazing that time has flown by so quickly. I guess we are busy and trying to make the most of the situation. Without a timetable or deadlines, we are more or less just looking for sights and activities in each place we land and then move on to the next.

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