Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24 – Bakers Brook Falls

Today we did the 10 km return hike to Bakers Brook Falls, for us a 3 hour hike as we stopped a long time to soak in the sound of waterfalls, relax for a tea biscuit and return back. We have been blessed with wonderful weather so far, enhancing the beauty that surrounds us. Everywhere I look there are so many berry bushes and plants of all sorts. There are blueberries, crowberries (blackberries), partridgeberries (lingonberries), bakeapple berries (another Anglicized misinterpretation of French, “Qu’est que ce baie s’appelle?” that look like golden raspberries) and probably more. Wish I could be back in the fall to pick some.




IMG_6289  IMG_6281




We were not sure what kind of tracks these were.


All the bug nets and clothes were out as they were very pesky.


We had to get some groceries so we went to Earle’s in Rocky Harbour for a late lunch of Mooseburger and a Fishermans’ Delight (Brewis a mix of lard called scrunchions, onions, hard bread and salted cod, served with Toutons which is fried bread not leavened and baked. It was all good.


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