Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14 – Hiking Salvage

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Today we decided to try a Lonely Planet recommended hike outside the park at the town of Salvage. We crossed this long causeway to get there.


What a difference from inside the park! The weather was nice, the trail was well maintained and the views were great.

IMG_3701  IMG_3703


Down to a a small lake and then back up again.


We passed this overgrown cemetery.

IMG_3713  IMG_3715

IMG_3718    IMG_3705_2


Driving back to our campground we passed by a sandy beach that looked so inviting. We did not have our suits with us but we went down to cool off. This is ocean water and frigid! It was like stepping into a frozen pond; the jolt went up the spine and tilted in the head, like brain freeze with too much ice cream. We could not get our feet in to cool off so we left. How did the other people (some just toddlers) frolic and swim in it, I do not understand.


So we went back to the wonderful Sandy Pond Beach.

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