Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8 – Touring Fogo Island

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Today we caught the 9:00 am Farewell Ferry ($22 round trip for us) to Fogo Island.

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We drove around the little coves and points (Island Harbour, Deep Bay, Fogo, Joe Batt’s Arm, Barr’d Island, Tilting a totally Irish settlement, (Seldom and Little Seldom) and say that we have been “all around the circle” and hike a trail, Brimstone Head that went to the 4th Corner of the Flat Earth (and we did not fall off the edge or the world). 



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We went to a brand new museum high up on a hill.


We could look down on the town of Fogo with brimstone head in the background.


We looked at Burnt Point Lighthouse; I say looked at because it is not a house at all but just a beacon).


By this time we were tired and all the little fishing villages started to look alike, now that siding has replaced most of the distinctive exterior colours where white now dominates.



I wish we could have seen all the old house colours. It’s kind of blah now.



We were so tired and burnt out that by 2:00 pm we were ready to leave but the ferry left @ 1:45. In retrospect, we realize now that the ferry was running late and we could have caught it. Instead we lingered a longer than necessary looking for something to do and then ended up driving to the dock to wait in line. I nodding off and finally was out like a light, between the heat and the sun which has finally returned, I had to nap in the CRV while in line waiting for the ferry.


It was so late arriving and it took longer to load on the return because they collect payment on the trip back. It was close to 7:00 pm when we got back to Twillingate, so I was hungry and did not want to have dinner too much later. Despite eating all day long, tuna sandwiches, squares, banana bread and trail mix, we were still hungry riding the ferry. There always seems to be such a crowd of cars at R.J. Cafe. I wonder what the attraction is. Is it good food or just a local watering hole? We stopped at J&J for seafood and I ordered a Crab burger $7 and Stuart had a Lobster burger ($7) with large order of home fries ($2). We could have had a whole lobster for $7 but it is a lot of work picking out the meat and getting the hands all dirty. When you are hungry, it is not satisfying to eat lobster.

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