Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6 – To Twillingate

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Today starts off as another rainy day so we left Bishop Falls to stay at Twillingate for 5 days, hopefully for better weather. We are taking the “Road to the Isles” on the Kittiwake Coast via the TCH to Notre Dame Junction; then taking Hwy 340, passing by Dildo Run Provincial Park to the northeast tip of Notre Dame Bay. I did not do well on Geography in school, so the detail is more for me than you. I am reading a travel brochure about Fogo Island, the town of Twillingate, Moreton’s Harbour ... and a light goes on; “I’se the B’yes ...

We drove by a sign with a lobster on it, “Just Ahead” nothing else. It must be a Lobster Crossing; there have been so many Moose ones. At the Seafood Treats stand they had a 3’ long 2’ high lobster. A little further along, there is a giant strawberry hut for the Campbellton Upick farm which has not opened yet; pity I wanted to get some local berries.

Stuart had booked a spot at the Peyton RV Park which was not easy to find, despite what the manager called good signage. We drove by it and nearly missed the entrance.


After parking in a site of our picking, the manager said that Gord Stuckless wanted to know when we would be arriving. He would drop by tomorrow to find us. We both think the name is familiar but cannot put a face or association to it, except that it is the guy who molested kinds at Maple Leaf Gardens. Stuckless is a well-known name in this town so I cannot image how we would know this person or how did he know when we would get to Twillingate? We only decided a few days ago to be here today.

It seems that we cannot escape the rain, as it has followed us here, so cannot do any outdoor trails or whatever. We drove around to see what the coastline looked like for the town and then we went to the Auk Winery. For $3 I was allowed to taste as many wines and such that I wanted. To be honest, none of them were particularly suited to my palate but I wanted to get local wine that sound Newfie like, i.e. Funky Puffin but it was not to my taste.

I did not take the wine tour ($5) as I am not a aficionado and I am suffering from information overload with all the sights and interests we have experienced in June already. I bought 3 bottles, ($45) and that is a lot for us who do not drink any alcohol, unless forced to socially. If we do have company, at least I have something to serve or give as gifts when we get back.

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