Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13,14 – Back to Cape Perpetua

Yesterday it was raining when we got up so we decided to hang around the RV and do a few chores (laundry, book campsites, relax), for a change of pace.

Today we went back to Cape Perpetua as there were some inland hikes we were going to do. Once we got there one sight of the wave action and we changed our plans about hiking the forest trails.  The winds were blowing so the sprays were incredible at “Spouting Horn” and other jagged crevices along the shore.  We had lunch at the blow hole that resembles the a whale blowing out water.  The hole in the rocks is not visible; just the resulting flumes of water and lingering mist. 



There were close calls but we managed to stay dry, considering the reach of the jets spraying the rocks today.






We were disappointed the last time that the waters were so calm that we could hike the entire coastline.  Little did we know how opportune it was at that time because today it would be impossible to traverse the same path due to the depth of the ocean’s reach inland.  The wave action was spectacular, if you like that kind of stuff like we do.  Digital cameras are a wonderful advancement in photography.  We have snapped so many pictures (~500) and short movies of the ocean today.

We had to to the high path back.



Our energy was spent chasing water so we decided to drive to the lookout (over 800’ above) at the top instead of attempting the steep 6 mile hike through the forest to view the 75 miles of coastline and 20 miles out to sea (no whales visible today).



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