Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 29 - Hiking Jedediah Smith Park

How many pictures of tall trees and tiny people can a person take? It turns out a LOT. Most didn’t work out but prepare for a few more.

The day started off cloudy and cool as we headed north a bit to Jedediah Smith State Park for some more hiking. 

We hiked two trails, the Stout Trail and Boy Scout. They were both located on a muddy single lane dirt road, the first about 1 mile in and the second about 5 miles in. We expected them to be relatively empty. Wrong. Both trailheads were packed with about 10-15 cars each, all covered in mud and not just 4 wheel drive SUVs. We saw a brand new Cadillac CTS and a tricked out Mustang GT (it even had hood pins).

The Stout trail was just a short loop of about .6 miles. Lots of people because the rangers always recommend this one.


They must have had some vicious fires here because the burn marks on some of the trees were over 100 feet in the air.


Moving down the road to the next trail was an experience. The road was narrow and quite busy with lots of blind corners, some sandwiched between trees so you had no room to move over.


The second trail was much longer at about 5.5 miles to get out and back. There was a light mist falling but we didn’t feel much under the trees. We only did about 1.5 miles in before it got muddy, lots of roots and less interesting trees so we turned around. We only saw about 8 people on this trail. I guess they were all spread out due to the length.


Instead of more tall tree pictures here is Jennie the weightlifter and some rhododendrons.

IMG_1646 IMG_1645

After the forests, we decided to visit another cheese factory, Rumiano Cheese Co.,  which turned out to be more of a store than a cheese factory tour thing. 

On our way back to our RV, we stopped by a tourist attraction called, “Mystic Trees” where they have a humongous statue of Paul Bunyon and Babe, his blue ox in the front luring people in.  Visitors pay to go in and walk through the gardens and ride a gondola for more money.  We just walked through the gift shop and sampled fudge for free.


The Paul Bunyon statue had a speaker and a microphone. Its head, eyes and hands also moved. It was fun listening as he surprised people and had conversations with them as they entered the park. Even the adults would look up and talk to him. The guy was quite funny, even at the end of what must be a long day. We never did figure out where he actually was. 

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