Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4 - To Beverly Beach State Park

Finally it is hot; hot enough to go to the beach but it is a travel day.  We had to go for a short walk on this beach first.



We wandered along the area where the fire was to see the burnt grass.  The smell of fire is still strong.  You can see the black patch in the picture.


Since it is State Parks Day in Oregon they had free hotdogs, chips and pop at the park.  As a bonus camping is free today so no charge tonight at the next campground which is also a state park. We hung around the current one for lunch and then hit the highway.

Back on Hwy 101 we were only going about 120 km but the road down the coast is two lanes, narrow and very twisty. Lot of 30 mph curves. Being a Saturday there was a lot more traffic so we had to pull over many times to let the lines of cars by.

Beverly Beach State Park is just outside Newport Oregon. Very different from the last one. This one is in a forest of very tall pine tree. Somewhat reminiscent of some Ontario campgrounds.


The campground is full and every one has a very smoky campfire. We like the campfire smell but this was a little much.

Every site has a paper displaying giving departure days. It is going to be very empty tomorrow night. We are staying here for 5 nights.

Whenever Stuart books a site he tries to use the Google satellite view to see if we are going to be able to use the satellite dish. He aced it this time. Of the several hundred site in the campground, this was one of the few that would work. Even then our aiming point was just above the trees in about a 10 degree wide low point that was the only one in any direction. You can actually see the TV on in the window of the RV in the picture.

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