Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 25 – Back to Samuel Boardman State Park

The weather here is difficult to figure out. Yesterday it was cool but not too windy at the RV; however when we got to the hiking trails it was gusting so wildly we were literally blown over sometimes while standing in the open areas of the mountains. Today it was gusting at the RV so we prepared for the cooler temperatures but it was great hiking weather, mid teens and bright sunshine and very little wind at the park.

We returned to this park to visit the points of interest we missed yesterday. We started at House Rock which is a high viewpoint with views up and down the coast. We decided to hike the 1 mile to the next point, Cape Ferrelo, along the Oregon Coast Trail. The path was mostly through tall Sitka spruce trees along a steep hill falling into the ocean. Lots of ups and downs.


You can see a little bridge below us in the picture.



As we got to the cape it opened up into a wide grassland.





As we walked out to the end of the cape to have lunch we noticed a bunch a people ahead of us.


It turned out it was a wedding party trouping out for pictures all in their suits and dresses and HIGH HEELS.  It was at least 1/4 mile of narrow dirt trail to get out there.


We sat in the grass on the side of the cape for lunch. The picture below shows where our car is (ie where we have to get back to).


Hiking back, the walk seemed shorter.


We met another couple which does not happen very often. They had driven from San Diego and just had a short ti me here.  We gave them some pointers on what was good to see.


The last section up to the car was a bit of a killer.


Next we drove to Long Ranch Beach which had seen on our hike.


Jennie wanted to do some more beachcombing as this is likely last beach we will see for about 3 weeks. Stuart tried the water (unbearably cold) and then sat on a rock shaped like a lounge chair to relax.




It was another wonderful day of great hiking, beautiful scenery, super weather and good times.

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