Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9 - To Florence, Oregon

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It is sunny and 20 C as we are heading south about 120 km on Hwy 101 to our next site just south of Florence at Woahink Lake Rv Resort. We decided on a private campground  as we will be here for 7 nights so it will be nice to have full hookups and a laundry.  This stay is longer than usual as we are meeting some friends next Tuesday that have rented an RV and are maker a faster trip down the coast. If you stay 6 days you get the seventh free.


Right behind the campground is part of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. We took a quick hike of the hill to take a look. They had a little lookout platform but the dunes grew so much you have to go out on the sand to see anything.



You can see ATV’s off in the distance.


We felt like we were in Laurence of Arabia. We are about a mile from the beach and the dunes continue as in the picture the entire way.  We are going to do a lot of dune hiking in the next few days. 

As a side note on this short day, the Oregon State Parks and sites such as the lighthouses are mainly staffed by volunteers. They are mostly retirees that are living full time in their RV’s. They get a free site at the campground  or interest site and in return have to work (I think) 4 hours a day for 5 days a week. In the campgrounds this work can include cleaning bathrooms. It seem most spend their winters in Arizona and then find a work site up north to spend their summers. It’s a very cheap way to live.

It is a wonderful idea that benefits tourism, is a cost savings for the venue and retirees have a network of places to work, meet people, remain active, contributing to society and the community.  They tell visitors information about the area attractions, other things to do, trails to hike, suggestions for restaurants, factoids, history and answer questions.

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