Monday, June 27, 2011

June 26 - To Klamath, California

Everyone said that since we are this close we had to see the redwoods. So we are off for 5 days to Redwoods National Park and the surrounding state parks before we return to Oregon.

Before we left we watched this dredging ship working by the jetty.



Notice the surfer in the foreground, below.


At the state border we are stopped by the Department of Food & Agriculture for an inspection.  They asked if we have cherries or oranges. We raided the fridge to show what we had but nothing got taken.  According to the slip of paper we got as proof of inspection, they are concerned about invasive species.

We are finding that you really don’t have to reserve ahead for a campsite unless you want a state park on the weekend. There are so many RV parks all along this highway (although some look very dumpy) we would have had no trouble just showing up. The one Stuart picked, Mystic Forest RV Park, had great online reviews but on getting here it is pretty basic. It’s not a big deal as we really just need a parking spot and it is more the location being close to the things we want to see that counts.


Reading online, it seems the park with the best trails is Prairie Creek Redwoods State park so we headed down to the visitors center. Since we are at the park early enough, we decide to walk a trail called The Nature Trail, a short interpretive walk through the forest.

Prepare for lots of pictures of giant trees in the next few day, although pictures do not really convey the feeling of being there. Note Jennie on the trail below.



There are a lot more people using the trails in this park, which is a huge contrast to solitude we enjoyed on trails in Oregon. Each of the trailheads actually have cars parked at them. We will see what it is like tomorrow when we do a longer hike.

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